∙ ‘Cultural Capital of the Arab World’ by UNESCO in 1998, the city of Sharjah is  best known for preserving its culture, tradition and heritage. Its Art Museum  is world-renowned while fascinating buildings in the Heritage Area are  immersed with Emirati history.

∙ Away from the glitz and glamour of Dubai, the city offers a plethora of  entertainment and amusement options including well-maintained museums,  beautiful mosques, Souks and numerous parks. National History Museum and  Desert Park is one such place where petting animals is the major highlight for  kids and the Science Museum is packed with fun facts and exhibits. 

∙ Sharjah is also a shopper’s paradise selling its famous Arabic rugs, rugs, gold,  silver and precious stone jewelry at its markets including Souq Al Arsah on  Cornich Road and Blue Souq, one of the major markets of the city with some  600 vibrant shops. Although rooted with Islamic traditions, the city has  maintained a good balance between its traditional roots and 21st-century  modern aspects. 


∙ Sharjah Desert Park. 

∙ Al qasba 

∙ Sharjah aquarium. 

∙ Al majaz water front. 

∙ Sharjah national park 

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