Travel Etiquette when visiting “United Emirates”

Dress code
– Cross-dressing is frowned upon and can lead to detainment by the authorities.
– Shorts and t-shirts are suitable attire in many places. However, when visiting mosques,
religious sites or older parts of the city, both men and women may feel more
comfortable wearing loose-fitting clothes that cover shoulders, arms and legs.
– Women will usually be required to wear a headscarf when entering mosques.

What to do while in public:
-Photography should be done with care and be sure to ask first before snapping a photo
of a national or a resident of the UAE.
– Drinking in public is strictly prohibited.
– Public displays of affection should be minimal.
– Noise disruptions, bad language, making obscene gestures and showing disrespect are
all forbidden and may land you in legal trouble.

Invitations and interactions
– If you are invited to a majlis, remove your shoes at the entrance.
– If you are sharing a meal with your host, accept food and refreshment before
moving on to matters of business. It is customary to accept food and drink with
your right hand; this is also the hand you should eat with.
– It is important to stand up for new guests and older or higher-ranking people,
and men are expected to stand when a woman enters the room.
– When greeting a member of the opposite sex who is Muslim, it is important not
to offer to shake hands unless they extend their hand first – both men andwomen (more commonly women) may prefer not to shake hands with the
opposite sex due to religious reasons.
– Avoid showing the soles of your feet, or pointing your foot at anyone. If you are
sitting in front of an important guest, it is considered rude to cross your legs

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