Hotel Room Types and Meal Plans

If you are not in the tours and travel industry,I’m pretty sure you’ve been confused by terminologies used by the specialists. Well,allow us to let you in on some definitions of the commonly used hotel room types and meal plans. This way,you will be a pro at booking different hotels and room categories!


*Single room- This is a room that is intended for one person to stay in.

*Double room- This is a room that is shared by two people in a king-size bed/queen-size bed.

*Twin room- This is a room that is shared by two people sharing the same room but in 2 separate beds.

*Triple room- This is a room that accommodates three persons and has three single beds or one double

bed and an extra bed.

*There are also other room types where you have more than 3 people sharing depending on the capacity of the hotel facility.


*Bed only- This includes the accommodation only with no meals.

*Bed and Breakfast- This includes accommodation and breakfast only.

*Half Board- This includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner only or breakfast and lunch only depending on your preference.

(fun fact :For Pride Inn Paradise only- they offer 4pm tea and snacks on half board)

*Full Board- This includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner only.

*All inclusive- This includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, unlimited snacks through the day and unlimited selected alcoholic and soft drinks and beverages.

So now ladies and gentlemen, let’s plan your perfect holiday-book away!

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