3 Best Attractions To Visit In Mombasa North Coast

  • 19/10/2021

As it is well known, Mombasa offers an array of endless fun activities and adventures for both local and internation tourists to enjoy. In this blog, we will list 3 best attractions you should absolutely visit while in North Coast Mombasa. 


1. Bamburi Haller Park

Haller Park is a nature park located in Bamburi, Mombasa. It was a quarry wasteland before it was transformed to an ecological park. It now hosts a wide variety of animal species from crocodiles, tortoises, butterflies just to mention a few. The park currently serves as a recreation spot for local and internation tourists. This is a must visit park next time you are in Mombasa.


2. Wild waters

Wild Waters Mombasa has a variety of rides, both wet and dry. These rides are built for all ages. They are short rides and long rides too. The various water slides found in Wild Waters is briefly explained below:

Multine and Harakiri

This is a family slide consisting of four slides joined together. It enables a family or group to slide down together.


The spirals are slides in total darkness with speed and bends to make them even more thrilling journey until one lands into pool. This is the most preferred by majority of people.

Kids Pool

There are five in number consisting of a smaller version of joined slides and round tube slides and open slides which all slide into the kid’s pool from the beautiful designed Castle House


This is an excellent area where kids can play and have fun for hours with spraying water from all directions whilst climbing up and down

Rain Dance

The dancers favourite. Truly unique to Wild Waters, our Raindance Arena lets patrons dance to the beats of music while being cooled off through artificially-created rain

Flume Bowl

This is an adult slide and for good swimmers as the pool is five feet deep. The thrill is to slide down a tube and spin in a bowl several times before being dropped into the middle down to the pool.


3. Mombasa Go-Kart

At Mombasa Go-Kart, there are several fun activities for all ages. Some of the fun activities they offer are karting, paintball, archery tag, and other games. The good thing about go-kart is that the karts have speed governors making it safe for small kids to also participate. This is a good option for family with children of various ages since both parents and kids can participate. 


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